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Part 2

Portobelo, Rain Forest, River Kayaking, Carnival in Penenome

We left that same day for Portobelo, on the Atlantic coast.  Portobello is mainly known for the ruins of old Spanish colonial fortresses (they were defending the looted gold), and also snorkeling and diving.  We rented a cabin on the water.  Here's Eric relaxing in a hammock.This German couple in the cabin next to ours were traveling with 2 girls, one an infant and the other about 2 years old.  It seemed pretty tough.  Apparently they were having some health problems, so they left the next day to find a doctor.

This is our cabin.  It looks very sweet, but was somewhat cramped indoors.This is the San Juan de Dios Church, built in the17th Century, right in the town of Portobelo.

These are old bridges.  I'm not sure if they ever held water, but right now it's basically muck.This little girl was bathing at an outdoor sink

Turkey vultures were everywhere!An enclosure for a guard to stand in, inside one of the fortresses.

Most of the fortresses were made from what's called reef rock, or sawn coral blocks.Eric at one of the old cannons.

There were whole rows of cannons left at the fortress.These outhouses were typical of the area.  They just dropped everything right into the water, for the tide to take out.

There were the overgrown ruins of yet another fortress up on a hill.  It actually looks a little like just a hill in this picture, but from another angle you can see that it's an old fortress.The arch of Santiago Fortress.

This fortress was surrounded by an impressive moat.More views of the fortress.

We had a brief conversation with this American couple who lived in Portobelo.  I really wanted to talk with them at length, because I wanted to know what it was like to live in Panama.  They were pretty disinclined to chat, though.  We theorized that they were involved in the drug trade.Walked up to an unnamed fort in the hills above Portobelo, and found these flowers on the way.

This one has a moat as wellIt was a little tough getting in.  We didn't trust the "bridge" (a couple planks) leading over the moat, so we jumped in and climbed up.

The well inside the fortress.The fortress turret still had some fairly intact stairs to climb up on.

There were some great views from the fortress of the bay below.Back in town, we met this retired English couple who were traveling all around the world. For the past 6 years or so had done numerous trips around the world, usually of a couple months at a time.  The couple was traveling by bus, so we drove them around to the various accommodations that were available in Portobelo.  They weren't happy with them, though. They left Portobelo on the next bus, disappointed with what it had to offer.

Later on we got a boat to take us to a snorkeling/beach spot on a nearby island.  There was a guy there already who was collecting fruits from abandoned farms on the island. This is his little dugout.Eric and our things, hung up on a tree.
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