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Part 4

Isla Boca Brave, Volcan, Las Bocas del Toro, back in Panama City

Our destination after visiting Boquete was Isla Boca Brava.  There's a (very) rustic lodge there.  It's way off the beaten track, and as we were slowly driving down the dirt road there, we found a cashew tree!  I first noticed the red fruits hanging in the trees.The red part is the called the cashew apple, and is edible.  This was the first time I'd tried it.  It's very juicy, but a little on the bland side, with a strange taste.  The thing hanging down is, amazingly enough, the cashew nut!  No wonder cashews are so expensive, if it takes a whole fruit to produce one.

We had to take a boat to the island.  This is the boatman's nephew.There were really rustic bamboo lodges to stay in (pretty dark inside)

...and cabins that were quite a bit more comfortable.  There was a fantastic breeze blowing through the room during the day, but unfortunately it died down at night, so it was very warm.You could also rent a hammock to sleep in, for $3 a night.

There was a pet parrot there, Keeri.  He was really intrigued by Eric's cap.We met Quincy and Patrick at the lodge, from Idaho.  They drove down from Idaho in a pickup truck, sleeping in the covered back along the way. She's going to be guiding fly fishing trips this summer, and he's a carpenter.  They live in a small yurt that he built (a hobby of his).  No running water.  You meet very interesting people while traveling!

A wasp nest on the beach.  The beach wasn't spectacular, the water was very murky and warm.Steps down to the pier that we landed at.  We went down there at night to swish a stick around in the water, and see the bioluminescent plankton.

Eric relaxing before dinner.When the lights were on, geckos congregated around them, gorging themselves on the moths that hovered around the lights.

The lodge on Isla Boca Brava was on the northeast edge this this marine park.In the morning, we saw the monkeys that had woken us up.

I had fresh passion fruit juice for breakfast.  It was amazingly good!Lots of hammocks around were made very simply of a piece of strong cloth, folded together, and then tied at the ends.

The bar/restaurant.We did a day long excursion with Patrick and Quincy, as well as Vince and Peter.  The boatman was Elvis, along with his son Elvis.  They  brought us to 2 snorkeling spots, and 2 beautiful deserted beaches.  The snorkeling was poor (cloudy and not much variety).  The beaches were great, though.

This is Vince, climbing up a coconut tree.  He had just spent a couple weeks in the jungle near Columbia, living with an Indian tribe.  He's trying to make this type of travel into a business.  Here's his web site.Drinking the green coconut juice.  Very tasty.  I'm pretty covered up from the sun here, but I still got sunburned (upper thighs).

Eric chops up a brown coconut for meat.It ended up being a little on the overripe side.  Some of the other coconuts we got were great, though.

Hermit crabs were everywhere on the beaches.  We held hermit crab races, making a circle in the sand, putting the hermit crabs in the middle, and seeing which one got outside the circle first.  These are the tracks of hermit crabs.Coconut palms sprout just like this.

Bromeliads in the trees on the beach.Beach scene.

A close-up of the hermit crabs.Quincy made a sand sculpture of a mermaid.
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