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San Francisco

A few days in San Francisco and other events

Peter and Sally, dancing to Dance Central At the school science fair

A scavenger hunt at the mall for Steve's birthday At the zoo with the Hugebacks

Making ramen noodles on a fire Bike ride with Jean

The house Eric lived in as a teenager, in Danville At Mt Diablo State Park - lots of great rocks for the kids to climb.

Walking along beachside trails towards Fort Point

Getting ready to run

That bridge is awfully heavy!

The view of Crissy field At a fortune cookie factory

A park in Chinatown, filled with older Chinese people playing cards At Alcatraz

In the recreation area

Peter and his eucalyptus bark gun At Point Reyes

Pierce Point Ranch

Peter doesn't mind cold water!

Bedtime with Peter

Kenny's nicest drawing so far The Family Challenge at the South Bellevue Community Center - the kid's favorite part was the obstacle course

Building a bridge with marshmallows and toothpicks was one of the challenges

At Kenny's field trip

Testing out the Orukayak Floor pong in the living room

With the Blatts at the Bellevue Botanical Garden

We're now members of the Somerset Rec Club Jean and I took a bike ride down the Green River trail, and happened to come along on this house being demolished!

Armed Forces Day in Fort Lewis

We had to get a picture of this Swiss Army truck

Peter was thrilled to be able to pilot this little military robot - which apparently cost a quarter of a million dollars!

There was an area for the kids to fight with foam swords

Sandra's birthday party

Kayaking on Phantom Lake - the seeds drifting from the cottonwood trees made it seem like it was snowing

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