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San Diego

Winter and a trip to San Diego

On the USS Midway

Captain Peter

In the brig

Some very efficient sleeping quarters -

At Cabrillo National Monument

The tidepools were absolutely packed with school groups

At Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary

We tried to see how many non-standard (i.e. non Christian crosses) we could find. There were quite a few.

The fountain at Balboa Park

Big flocks of wild parrots in the trees near the Midway Towne Center shopping mall Sea lions along the waterfront

At the beach in front of Coronado Hotel The neighborhood had some really beautiful homes

The San Diego Zoo - pandas Right when we were at the San Diego Zoo, they were doing a massive installation of an aerial walkway

We have an old picture of Kenny at this same spot, when he was a baby - here's the link:
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