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We visit Amsterdam and Trier, Germany.

Our first day in Amsterdam. Walking towards Westerpark There was an area of cute little bungalow next to the park

This may be the smallest car I've ever seen

A cool automatic restaurant Houseboats

At the central railroad, there was a piano you could play. Peter gave it a try

There was a parkour exhibit north of the city On the ferry

At a climbing wall close to our hotel in Amsterdam Eric had an angry rash on his neck, that he picked up in Africa. We tried to get antibiotic lotion for it in Amsterdam, but nothing is available OTC. We later learned from Melissa that it probably came from the Nairobi Fly, which is a strange insect that, when crushed on your skin, releases an acid that causes this kind of rash.

Crazy luck - just outside of our hotel in Amsterdam (Amsterdam Teleport Hotel, okay but we won't go there again) Peter found a 5 Euro bill, and Kenny found a 20 Euro bill Playground at Vondelpark

I love the wading pools they have in Europe.

Amsterdam is VERY crowded this time of year

A few pictures from the Rijksmuseum

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