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House Ideas

Clippings from various books and magazines of interesting ideas for Eric and Sylvia's future house.

Imagine having a view like this in the morning!Like the sun in this bedroom

Open to the outdoors, nice little patio...Open to the outdoors.

Like the chairs.  Not too sociable, though.I like the whimsical bookshelf.  Not practical, but interesting if you made it yourself.

Love the cozy bed, tucked in behind the wall.An eating area that's practically outdoors--how nice!

I like this kitchen because everything is close together, very efficient, AND there's a beautiful door out to the patio.A cozy little retreat/bed that's also very efficient, built on top of a desk.

I like having a broad vista through the kitchen window.  Don't really like all the knick-knacks on the upper shelf, though.Pull-out shelving--very efficient.

The idea of chains hanging down instead of kitchen cabinets--very interesting.Love the sunny cushioned corner bench.

Interesting idea of having a pane of glass instead of shower curtains.Love the sky-light over the bed!

If you can't have expansive views, I really like the idea of a private patio. Also like the extreme openness to the outdoors.A little atrium inside the house would offer  a lot of light.  I don't think I'd have the taller trees, though, because they block too much light.

A very cozy efficient bedroom.Like the openness to the outdoors here.

I really like the slanted roof, and the fact that the desk is in a cozy cubbyhole here.I like the idea of a desk tucked into a corner.

Another office alcove.  I could do good work here.Like the idea of a space separated by fabric hangings. Good way to screen space.

I like the light and the fact that this is a cozy window seat area.  Also, it looks like they're big enough to sleep on, so it could be a guest room as well.Open to a beautiful patio area.

Desk tucked away, steps away from the outdoors.Like the metal hanging on the wall, providing a place to hang stuff with magnets.
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