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House Ideas

Clippings from various books and magazines of interesting ideas for Eric and Sylvia's future house.

The semi-translucent covering of the shelving area is apparently something called envelope stiffener.Like the outline of this house.

Like the idea of having barstools in the kitchen, as an impromptu seating area.Like the openness to the outdoors.

I really like converted attic areas, as long as there's plenty of light via skylights, etc.Like the slanted roofs, skylights.

So much light and such a great view!  Cool efficient looking staircase, too.Sunken den area, very cozy.  Like the spiral staircase too.

Great view.  Cool idea.Nice clean lines on this house.

Like the idea of having a room open up to the others, and possibly get light, via having one wall made of windows (with curtains, of course)Great spiral staircase.

A section of this attic was made into a small patio.Very open to the outdoors.

I like the idea of multiple walls being made of glass.Like the glass overhead in this one.

Two walls with windowsI like the lines on this renovation.

I like the sun shining in, and the little bench seating area.Like the lines and the dramatic vies here.

Like the bright colors.Like the efficient plywood floors, yet also having some beautiful thick rugs.

Open to the outdoorsLike the idea of having a little bit of an elevated wall around the kitchen, so you don't see the mess.

Open to the outdoors.Like slanted roofed area with lots of light.

Lots of windows and light!Clean cut, bright.
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