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House Ideas

Clippings from various books and magazines of interesting ideas for Eric and Sylvia's future house.

Like the usage of space under the stairs, and the light.I like the idea of a little hideaway.

Having dishes drain into the sink right underneath seems very efficient.A shaded outside eating area.

Cozy space accessible via a ladder.And another one...

A very efficient bathroomGood way to do a shower.

I like the idea of having breakfast up here.This give me some ideas for garden fountains.  You could just have a wide pipe, punch some holes in it.  The holes at the bottom would have the water squirt out further.

I like the openness to the outdoors here.Nice view into the outdoors from the dining area.

Very efficient on space, and I like the idea of a sleeping loft.Open to an outdoors patio.

Like the spiral staircase, and the simple, clean window.I like the bright sleeping loft.

A wonderful, bright eating area, with nice view.I like the oriental carpets in the kitchen.

Like the compact eating boothAnother cute and sunny eating booth.

And another!Simple efficient layout with a view of the city

Clean looking area for reading.I like the translucent kitchen cabinets. Probably cheaper than wood.

Clean, simple eating area with a great view.I like the wrap-around bench on the outside wall.

A rooftop terrace--sweet!Simple room, using cinderblocks. Probably quite inexpensive.
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