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Friends & Family

Pictures of our family and friends.

Sylvia Moestl Eric Vasilik

Kenneth Vasilik Peter Vasilik

The Vasilik Family!

Inge von Pongrazc (Sylvia's Mother) Ann Vasilik (Eric's Mother)

Alois Moestl (Sylvia's Father) Ken Vasilik (Eric's Father)

Alex Moestl (Sylvia's Brother) Brian Vasilik and his alter-ego: Lalapalooza (Eric's Brother)

Tom Moestl (Sylvia's Brother) Kevin Vasilik and Jessie (Eric's Brother, the human, not the dog)

Natascha (Sylvia's niece) with Alois. Chris, Judy and Sally Beaudette

Terry and Sue Lucas Gary Burd, Grace Colton with children Hanna and Colton

Kristen Bentz Andrew Layman with daughter Dagny

Linda Mann with daughter Dagny Kelly and Jean Kincaid

Rich and Jane Clayton with daughters Anna and Audrey Brett and Victoria Parmacek with children Max and Parker

Dinarte Morais and John Betts. David Bau

Ilana Long and Steve Blatt. Ilana is pregnant with twins! Rod and Shannon Chavez
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