Pre 1931

Family history

1880? My father's father's grandmother1890? My father's paternal grandmother

1900? Another shot of my father's paternal grandmother1900? The sawmill that was on the site of my father's childhood home before it was built.

1900? My fathers maternal grandmother, Caezillia Schoppl Weinhaupl1901 My fathers grandparents, with their family and servants. From right to left, Luise, his grandfather Josef Weinhaupl , Berta, Caecillia (my grandmother), his grandmother, an unknown son, Josef. They're in front of the Weinhaupl bakery, in Altheim, Austria. He was a baker and also a furrier.

1910? My father's father1910? My father's uncle (brother of father). He was a priest.

1912 Caecilia and Luise Weinhaeupl (my paternal grandmother, on the right, and her sister)1912 ? Caecilia Weinhaeupl, 1894 - 1972

1929 My father's mother, with his sister Elfriede and brother Eric. My father hasn't been born yet.