Canada and the US

Living in Canda and the US, from 1957 on

1957 July Leaving Austria to go to Canada. From the left, my maternal grandfather, my uncle Fritz, unknown woman, my aunt Elfriede, maternal grandmother, unknown person, my mother (half visible)1957 My father, on the boat "Seven Seas" headed to Montreal.

1959 My father in Cape Cod, Massachusets.1959 My parents in Montreal, Canada

1961 My father and brother Alex in Wisconson1962 Beloit, Wisconson

1962 My dad shoveling snow in Watertown, New York1962 My paternal grandparents, Alois and Caecillia Moestl, on the Gossausee, Austria

1963 My father and mother and brother Alex.1963 Our house in Watertown. We were in the right half of the duplex.

1964 My father and Alex after his bad car accident1967 Fall. Before I was born.

1968 March: My father holding me.1968 January

1968 March. In Watertown, New York.1968 In Watertown NY. Hard to believe my brother Tom is a year and a half older.

1969 In Watertown, NY. My dad with a goatee!1971 My uncle Fritz came for a visit to Watertown, NY.

1971 A photo of the extended family, on a trip back to Austria.1973 My father built this cute cardboard house for us. I remember it very well.

19741974? Christmas in Austria

1975? Our house in Baldwinsville. My dad did extensive remodelling to it.

1975? My dad working in the basement of the house in Baldwinsville. He did a lot of work down there as well.1975? My dad made this treehouse for us in the backyard, of leftover boards from our old deck. The rails were of saplings cut from the woods behind our house.

1976? Christmas in Baldwinsville. My father made this dollhouse for me. Later on he made lots of furniture for it as well.1976? My father and brother. It looks like we're about to leave for a flight to Austria.

1977? My birthday in Charlotte1978? At Myrtle Beach

1978 Before building the addition on the house in Charlotte, NC.1979? My father with tante Annie

1979? My father with my mother's father.1979?

1979? At aunt Elfriede's house in Austria, after fishing in Burgstall1979? Alex's motorcycle

1980 Maternal grandmother with my parents1981 My father, mother, and two brothers in Charlotte, North Carolina

1981? My dad in the garden in Charlotte.1982? I made a drawing of my dad.

1983? My dad with my brother Tom's camero1983? Christmas in Charlotte

1983 June. My father and aunt Elfriede.1984 July

1985 ?1985? My dad in Charlotte. This magnolia tree is huge now.

1985? My father and Tom visited our friends the Trummers in Virginia1985? My friend Heidi is on the left

1985? Helping my dad with his handle and knob importing business at a furniture show.1986 Along highway 1 in California. My dad and I visited Alex in San Francisco that Christmas.

1987 ?? My dad and I in Charlotte.

1992 March. Some of my Austrian relatives came for a visit. From the right, my uncle Werner, my aunt Elfriede, my uncle Erich, my dad, my aunt Lisl, my brother Tom, and his ex-girlfriend Dylan.1992 My father with his two siblings, Elfriede and Erich, in Charlotte.

1992 My dad in Florida. He was on a trip with relatives from Austria.1992 My dad and aunt in the kitchen of the house in Charlotte

1994 My dad at Uncle Erich's place in Salzburg.1994? In the mountains of North Carolina

1996 October. Werfen, near Salzburg Austria. From left cousin Claudia, dad, aunt Elfriede, aunt Lisl, uncle Erich1996 Sept My father and aunt Elfriede

1997 Austria. From left to right, me, my cousin Claudia, my aunt Lisl, my uncle Eric, my cousin's son Patrick, my father Alois, and my cousin Gerhard.1997? My father with Alex and Andrea

1997? My dad with Alex, Natascha, Andrea, and Tom, on the coast of North Carolina.1997

1998? My dad in Austria with his relatives1998? My father visiting me in Seattle.

1998 August. With dad in Maui.1998 July. My father at aunt Elfriede's house in Altheim, Austria

1999 My dad and I at the house on 15706 NE 56th St., in Redmond Washington1999 Dad in Charlotte

1999 In the kitchen in Charlotte. He was helping me filter honey.2000? In Charlotte with my dad and brother Alex.

2000 My brother Tom and I, with Dad in Alaska, at a bed and breakfast.2000 The Portage Glacier area in Alaska.

2000 My dad at Port Townsend2000 Christmas in Charlotte

20002001 My dad's 70th birthday. Tom and Maedi Falley came, as well as Helga and Guenther Trummer from Virginia, and Eric and I from Seattle.

2001 The next day, the Falley's came to visit for lunch.2001 September - Eric and my father along the beach on Whidbey Island.

2001 September - Collecting stones to place his miniatures on.2001 September - Taking the Spirit of Washington dinner train

2001 September - Salmon fishing in Puget Sound2001 September

2001 September - At the Space Needle in Seattle2002 February - In Hawaii, for our wedding

2002 - With Eric's family as well

2002 My father visiting Eric's parents in Ashville, NC. This is at the Biltmore Estate.2002 Working on the lathe. He enjoyed working with his hands.

2002 In his office, measuring a piece of wood.