House Ideas

Clippings from various books and magazines of interesting ideas for Eric and Sylvia's future house.

Homes on huge lots in beautiful UtahI like the way there's not a lot of differentiation between indoors and out.

Great l-shaped corner window, sunny room.I like the idea of a padded bench in the kitchen, although this table doesn't really fit.

Like the office tucked into a sunny cornerI like the sunny window seat, but I have my doubts whether this would actually be comfortable, because you can't lean back on the glass.

I like the simple shape of this house.Like the modernistic outline.

Shallow shelves give you more efficient storage space, because you can see everything at a glance.What a view!

If you can't have a view, having a private enclosed terrace like this would be nice.A wonderfully sunny quiet reading nook.

I'd love to have a deck with trees growing through it like this.Seems like a good idea--have your exercise machines in the bathroom.

I like the lines of this house......and this one.

The idea of having a little shelf where you could have a rotating assortment of pictures is great.Like the bright, colorful aspect of this room.

Clean lines on bed.Everything is close together in this kitchen.

Like the built-in benches and the cafe curtains, which give a lot of light and still offer privacy.Lots of windows, open to a nice green area.

Sunny room, open to the outdoors.Like the window seat.

A morning view like this...Open to the outdoors...

A bench such as this one is a good way to be comfortable, yet outdoors.Open to the outdoors.

Imagine having a view like this in the morning!Like the sun in this bedroom

Open to the outdoors, nice little patio...Open to the outdoors.

Like the chairs.  Not too sociable, though.I like the whimsical bookshelf.  Not practical, but interesting if you made it yourself.

Love the cozy bed, tucked in behind the wall.An eating area that's practically outdoors--how nice!

I like this kitchen because everything is close together, very efficient, AND there's a beautiful door out to the patio.A cozy little retreat/bed that's also very efficient, built on top of a desk.

I like having a broad vista through the kitchen window.  Don't really like all the knick-knacks on the upper shelf, though.Pull-out shelving--very efficient.

The idea of chains hanging down instead of kitchen cabinets--very interesting.Love the sunny cushioned corner bench.

Interesting idea of having a pane of glass instead of shower curtains.Love the sky-light over the bed!

If you can't have expansive views, I really like the idea of a private patio. Also like the extreme openness to the outdoors.A little atrium inside the house would offer  a lot of light.  I don't think I'd have the taller trees, though, because they block too much light.

A very cozy efficient bedroom.Like the openness to the outdoors here.

I really like the slanted roof, and the fact that the desk is in a cozy cubbyhole here.I like the idea of a desk tucked into a corner.

Another office alcove.  I could do good work here.Like the idea of a space separated by fabric hangings. Good way to screen space.

I like the light and the fact that this is a cozy window seat area.  Also, it looks like they're big enough to sleep on, so it could be a guest room as well.Open to a beautiful patio area.

Desk tucked away, steps away from the outdoors.Like the metal hanging on the wall, providing a place to hang stuff with magnets.

The semi-translucent covering of the shelving area is apparently something called envelope stiffener.Like the outline of this house.

Like the idea of having barstools in the kitchen, as an impromptu seating area.Like the openness to the outdoors.

I really like converted attic areas, as long as there's plenty of light via skylights, etc.Like the slanted roofs, skylights.

So much light and such a great view!  Cool efficient looking staircase, too.Sunken den area, very cozy.  Like the spiral staircase too.

Great view.  Cool idea.Nice clean lines on this house.

Like the idea of having a room open up to the others, and possibly get light, via having one wall made of windows (with curtains, of course)Great spiral staircase.

A section of this attic was made into a small patio.Very open to the outdoors.

I like the idea of multiple walls being made of glass.Like the glass overhead in this one.

Two walls with windowsI like the lines on this renovation.

I like the sun shining in, and the little bench seating area.Like the lines and the dramatic vies here.

Like the bright colors.Like the efficient plywood floors, yet also having some beautiful thick rugs.

Open to the outdoorsLike the idea of having a little bit of an elevated wall around the kitchen, so you don't see the mess.

Open to the outdoors.Like slanted roofed area with lots of light.

Lots of windows and light!Clean cut, bright.

Like the usage of space under the stairs, and the light.I like the idea of a little hideaway.

Having dishes drain into the sink right underneath seems very efficient.A shaded outside eating area.

Cozy space accessible via a ladder.And another one...

A very efficient bathroomGood way to do a shower.

I like the idea of having breakfast up here.This give me some ideas for garden fountains.  You could just have a wide pipe, punch some holes in it.  The holes at the bottom would have the water squirt out further.

I like the openness to the outdoors here.Nice view into the outdoors from the dining area.

Very efficient on space, and I like the idea of a sleeping loft.Open to an outdoors patio.

Like the spiral staircase, and the simple, clean window.I like the bright sleeping loft.